Subsea Oil & Gas Fields

Carbon fiber composites are more and more extensively used in marine fields. In the ocean, corrosion, high pressure, and the strong shearing effect of water underflow place a strict requirement on the performance of marine equipment. Due to the excellent skin resistance and corrosion resistance, carbon fiber has an advantage in the development and expansion of the marine industry.

Carbon fiber composite UD tapes can be used on production well pipes, sucker rods, storage tanks, subsea pipelines, decks, and other components in oilfield drilling platforms.

Subsea Oil & Gas Fields 2
Offshore Wind Power 2

Offshore Wind Power

Offshore wind power is a rich resource and an important area for future development. It is also the most advanced and most demanding area for wind power technology. Carbon fiber composite blades are highly stiff and lightweight, with a modulus 3-8 times that of glass fiber products. They can endure the high humidity and variable climate in the ocean, and 24 hours of continuous work. Strong fatigue resistance makes the blade easy in bad weather. Carbon fiber also improves the aerodynamic performance and reduces the load of the blade on the tower and the axles, thereby making the power output smoother and more balanced, and improving energy efficiency. With special design, the conductivity of carbon fiber helps to avoid the damage from lightning. The production and transport costs can be also reduced by using carbon fiber blades.

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