There are many uses for EPP materials, including packaging boxes, refrigerators, toys and so on. EPP is also processed into panels, but many people may be unfamiliar with EPP panel and its application. Below we will understand the purpose and performance of EPP panels.

EPP panel is now mainly used as a building material, which plays the role of thermal insulation, shock absorption and sound insulation in buildings. Due to its unique properties, EPP is widely used in the floating system of real estate. Although there are some other foam materials for selection, EPP is nonetheless more effective and endurable.

EPP is good at elasticity, impact resistance, thickness retention and long-term use. Good elasticity means that the material does not break easily, ensuring the effect and integrity of the floor insulation and sound insulation project.

EPP Foam Panel-innovation

Beside thermal and sound insulation, the environmental protective property of EPP is also unavailable in other materials. As an indoor building material, EPP meets the high requirement for environmental protection. It is non-toxic and incombustible, ensuring the indoor safety.

Using in the building floor floating system, EPP greatly improves the heat insulation and shock absorption effect of the ground and avoids the impact of upstairs activities on the downstairs. It is also the best choice for floating ground material.

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